About 1Vision

   Setting The Standard


1Vision LLC. has been freelancing film and video production since 1998. Over the last ten years, the company has evolved into the concept it’s currently operating under today.

Over time, Jeremy Watson, owner, has developed many professional relationships, worked collectively with these professionals on countless projects, and those relationships continue today.

Jeremy has extensive and invaluable experience in his craft, spending many years working for NBC in New York City, specifically episodic television. He was on the camera teams for all three “Law & Order’s,” worked as an assistant editor for “The Apprentice.” And when those series were not in production, he worked on countless music videos, short-films, commercials, and feature projects. He attained his Master’s degree in “Film Theory & Production” from the New York Film Academy.

Jeremy also spent seven years as the chief photographer for local NBC news affiliate, KHAS-TV, where he won 17 Associated Press Awards for excellence in photojournalism, editing, and producing the state’s top sports promotional series, “The 4th Quarter.”

For the last 12 years, Jeremy is also, currently the general manager for Grand Island Television, the City of Grand Island. He oversees every aspect of production, is responsible for all administrative duties which include developing RFP’s, annual budgets, and communicating clearly with city administration. He shoots, directs, edits, writes, produces, engineers, and troubleshoots all areas of that operation.

Jeremy is uniquely qualified and skilled in every single area of production. It’s not that he’s gifted, he simply has a work-ethic that won’t quit, which is why he succeeds.

Over the last five years, the 1Vision reputation has grown, working with The Discovery Channel, Hastings Ford Lincoln, Grand Island Public Schools, Five Points Bank, Eakes, Thriv Construction, Thriv Homes, The YWCA, The Economic Development Corporation, The Grand Island Community Foundation, Grand Island Central Catholic, GIX, The Central Nebraska Humane Society, College Park, The Grace Foundation, Stuhr Museum, Grand Island Express, O’Connor Enterprises, The Guarantee Group,  CNH Industrial, Rich & Son’s, Toba Inc., along with the City of Grand Island and countless others. 1Vision is becoming synonymous with high quality professional production.

The remaining members of our team, our referral framework, are too numerous to list, but suffice it to say, it’s wonderful to have a group that truly understands the technical side of what we do, as that’s an important component, but there is no substitute for “vision.” And this team is so creative in how they will approach a project, “outside-the-box” from the on-set, and a true synergy between everyone when working collectively on a project.

The “synergy,” that’s a fantastic bi-product of working closely together over the last several years…..it took time to develop, and it was worth the wait!

So to paraphrase, when it comes to the world of digital mediums, 1Vision LLC is where you bring your needs for service, and your production ideas.  Let experience, creativity, and professionalism give you the piece of mind you need when it comes to your project.


Mission Statement: The 1Vision mission is to produce each and every client a unique project that will stand alone over the test of time.

Company Goals and Objectives: The 1Vision goal is to become the most reputable production house in the Midwest. Our objective is to give each and every client a vast and limitless opportunity to achieve their vision, offer it affordably, and connect each client to a highly skilled digital artist and/or department.